Patient-Centricity in Biopharma 2024

Since our inaugural State of Patient-Centricity whitepaper, the concept of patient-centricity has only grown in popularity, and rightfully so. Patient empowerment, the number of specialty therapies entering the market, and digital innovations are paving the way for new commercial models to better serve the needs of patients, prescribers, and office staff. Amidst this backdrop, we’re thrilled to bring you the 2024 edition of State of Patient-Centricity in Biopharma, featuring five industry executives at the top of their game.

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  • How Boehringer Ingelheim, Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Ardelyx, Inc., Cytokinetics, and Insmed Pharmaceuticals, Inc. define patient-centricity in 2024
  • How innovators are embedding patient-centricity into their overall brand experience
  • Tips and best practices for navigating internal hurdles and creating a culture of continuous improvement

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White Paper
May 10, 2024

Patient-Centricity in Biopharma 2024

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