Purpose-Built Patient CRM

Discover all-in-one patient and provider management, workflow automation, and advanced analytics to ensure optimal patient outcomes.

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One Powerful, Purpose-Built Platform

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Core CRM

Integrate disparate data sources and systems to gain a 360° view of each patient and their journey. Tailored user dashboards provide an overview of where each patient stands, recommended action items, and upcoming appointments. With a central command center to manage the patient experience, your teams can waste less time jumping between systems and more time on strategic customer support.

Omnichannel Workflows

Orchestrate personalized patient engagement strategies and automate coordination with partners to ensure patients start and stay on therapy. Maintain compliance across Field Access, Patient Services, Marketing, Sales, and more with robust roles-based access controls and global compliance enforcement. Send and receive phone calls, emails, SMS messages, fax and more within the system.

Advanced Analytics

Real-time monitoring of patients, teams, and program performance at your fingertips. Workflows proactively identify issues in the patient journey and surface recommended actions, minimizing the likelihood of patients slipping through the cracks. In-platform reporting helps you stay on top of key metrics and identify opportunities for continuous improvement across programs.

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Capabilities Purpose-Built for Biopharma

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Telephone, SMS (text), email, fax, and eSign in one system, no additional vendor contracts required.

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Advanced Analytics

Risk scoring and predictive AI surface issues or at-risk patients, providers, and programs.

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Industry Integrations

Real-time APIs to coordinate with partner systems, including PA, BI/BV, EHR, HUBs, and SPs.

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Multi-Therapy Support

Easily configure and manage your programs across different therapies from a single platform.

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Compliance Enforcement

Secure document storage, consent capture, HIPAA obfuscation, SSO & MFA, and more built-in.

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World-Class Security

SOC 2 certified and HIPAA compliant with best practice security protocols and 24/7 monitoring.

One Solution, Fully Integrated

Connect various tools and systems to gain a unified view into the patient journey.

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