Joining Courier Health: Reflecting on My First 30 Days

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Blog Post
May 20, 2024

Joining Courier Health: Reflecting on My First 30 Days

Dave Delaney

Reflecting on My First 30 Days

Even though I have helped thousands of people find new jobs over the years, I have gone through a surprisingly small number of my own searches. Before Courier Health, I spent over a decade at just two companies, and my hope has always been that any future company would follow a similar path.

One of the pivotal moments during my recent search was the realization that I was targeting certain roles for the wrong reasons – focusing on a particular title, for example, because it seemed like the “right” level to land at next. I decided to pause conversations temporarily and sit down to identify what was truly most important to me.  Reflecting on my first few months at Courier Health, I wanted to share how each of those motivators has come to fruition.

A Mission-Driven Company

Courier Health’s mission is to reinvent and improve how patients living with chronic and rare conditions are supported throughout their treatment journey. Our technology positively impacts the lives of patients and loved ones around the world, and it’s something the entire team at Courier Health believes in and rallies around. Since I’ve joined, we’ve had the privilege of having several different patient-facing teams who use our platform speak with our team to talk about their disease states, day-to-day, and how they leverage our technology for good. They are the true heroes in this all, selflessly devoted to supporting every patient on their journey to start and stay on therapy. Hearing them share how our product has allowed them to do that more effectively, and to a greater number of individuals, resonates with me in a way that no customer feedback has before. It’s meaningful work that none of us take for granted, and it’s something we reflect on each time we gather as a company.

Ability to Build and Make Impact

I’m not someone who grew up around many tech companies or startups; in fact, my first job out of school was at a very “traditional” company, sitting in a cubicle sifting through spreadsheets and following the processes laid out for me. There was very little room for creativity or thinking outside the box.  When I moved to New York City in 2011 and discovered the startup community, I felt like I had finally found my place.

With each company I joined, going earlier and earlier stage, I was able to take more ownership of my area and really build from the ground up. Talking with our CEO, Danny, before I joined, he framed the opportunity for my role simply (and perfectly): we hire people to do a job, so we’re going to give them the resources they need and the freedom to let them do it. While this may seem obvious, too often leaders, or even teams, don’t let individuals “own” the tasks as intended.

Since my first day at Courier Health, I’ve been empowered by everyone around me. Various team members have sought out my input on hiring and interviewing-related topics, and I’ve seen my suggestions put into action. I truly feel like I own my work here, and it’s rewarding to see how it’s positively impacting the overall success and growth of the company after a short period of time.

Working Alongside a Great Team

Early in my career I focused on working with a “talented team” because in my mind, the most important thing was having smart, skilled colleagues. Over the years, however, I’ve realized that while talent is important, it’s only half the story. No matter how brilliant someone is, it’s meaningless if they can’t work effectively with those around them with a degree of respect, empathy, and thoughtfulness. Since then, I’ve focused on more than just a talented team, but finding a kind, collaborative team.

As I’ve gotten to know more of the Courier Health team (which happened quickly, given that we had our Spring offsite the week after I joined!), I had the revelation that a mission-driven company attracts and retains people who exemplify the exact traits I want to work alongside. Similar to our client partners who are aligned in their mission to support patients first and foremost, the teams here want to be successful together, and there’s a clear understanding that it's not an individual effort but rather the culmination of our combined efforts that will build a great company. Every day I see examples of teammates stepping in to support, celebrate, and elevate each other, which in my opinion (and experience) is key to company success.

Clear Product Market Fit and Path to Success

While I have always admired those in my network who joined companies looking to make a positive impact on the world around them, I had an (ill-conceived) idea that this was at odds with being a successful business.  Early on in my career, it always struck me as an either / or scenario.

I spent a lot of time during my interview process diving deep into Courier Health’s product market fit, customer base, and more. I was struck by the team’s focus on biopharma commercial teams, particularly Patient Services and Field Access, providing clear users to build and innovate for. I was also impressed by the satisfied early customers who were recognizing real value from the system.

When friends and family asked what got me so excited about joining such an early-stage company, the shortest answer was that I’d been convinced it’s possible to build a successful business and do good. As our CEO, Danny, often says: what’s good for patients is good for business.


It’s impossible to know for certain what a new team and company will be like.  No matter how much time you spend on due diligence, there are always unknowns, which is doubly true for startups. Reflecting on my first few months at Courier Health, I can say with full confidence that the opportunity is everything I hoped for and more.

I’m fortunate to have joined a group of passionate, talented, kind individuals who are working together to make our own positive impact on healthcare & life sciences through the power of technology, creativity, and innovation. Seeing the direct impact my role has on our ability to build new features, support clients and help end patients is a powerful motivator, and I could not be more excited about what the future holds for us.  If this sounds like the type of environment you want to be a part of, we’re hiring, and we'd love to hear from you! 

Dave Delaney is the Recruiting Lead at Courier Health. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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