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Founding Courier Health

A little background on how we came to be...

Our mission is to improve the patient experience for millions of people who live with a chronic condition or rare disease.

As Cofounders, we come together with complimentary backgrounds that combine "experiencing the problem” (Jimmy) with “creating solutions” (Danny). As longtime friends, we have deep trust in each other to build a lasting company and culture that’s worthy of tackling one of the biggest opportunities in healthcare. For our inaugural blog post, we’d like to shed some light on how and why we founded Courier Health.

Cofounder & COO, Jimmy Pomponio, has spent 10+ years building and running Patient Services programs inside of biotech companies. Many people may not be familiar with Patient Services, but these teams are a vital component of the healthcare ecosystem. They work directly with patients who are prescribed a given medicine, helping them navigate the complicated journey from diagnosis to getting and staying on therapy.

Over the past decade, biotech and pharmaceutical (biopharma) companies have placed increasing emphasis on Patient Services. Whether for more prevalent conditions like diabetes, or for one of the 7,000 rare diseases that impact people around the world — the patient journey to access, initiate, and achieve success on a given medicine is grueling. Patient Services ease this burden by providing 1:1 support to each patient and their family.

Unfortunately, Patient Services has no technology designed for delivering this critical support. As a result, these teams and the millions of patients who rely on them suffer. The various technology systems for biopharma companies, doctors, insurance companies, pharmacies, and other parties are all siloed and disconnected. This collection of extremely fragmented systems limits visibility into the patient journey and creates error-prone and manual processes for Patient Services.

Jimmy saw firsthand how meaningful these relationships were to patients, but also the frustration and burnout caused by manual processes and ineffective technology. His teams spent more time trying to figure out who to help rather than interacting with the patients who desperately needed their support.

Disjointed and frustrating patient experiences lead to as many as

50% of patients losing access to their medicine for issues that are avoidable

On the other side of the coin, Danny Sigurdson, has spent the last 10+ years building and scaling software companies to address these exact challenges. Companies across every industry have the challenge of integrating their data to better understand and engage their end consumers. As a very early employee at the VC-backed Customer Data Platform startup, ActionIQ, Danny helped pioneer technologies and strategies to help companies understand their consumers and design personalized omnichannel experiences to keep them engaged.

At ActionIQ, Danny worked closely with retail, media, telco, and financial services companies to map customer journeys and design personalized experiences that kept consumers engaged and retained with a given brand. Prior to that, he spent several years working closely with biopharma companies to test and optimize commercial strategies across Field Sales, Marketing, and Patient Services.

The opportunity to leverage disparate data to personalize patient experiences is MASSIVE

Being close friends for many years, we always discussed combining our expertise to solve a meaningful opportunity in healthcare. When the coronavirus pandemic hit and everyone was stuck at home, we saw how the tech challenges for Patient Services were exacerbated leading to compounding issues for the patients who rely on them. Our call to arms was clear and we began scoping how to bring an important solution to life.

By the fall of 2020, we were confident enough in our vision for Courier Health to quit our jobs and go all-in on this mission. We spent the fall scoping a solution and then the winter into 2021 building a MVP. To validate our solution, we met with over 40 biopharma companies of all sizes and received overwhelmingly positive feedback on our vision and approach.

"Our team works tirelessly for the patients who rely on us, but our current tools don’t come close to meeting our needs...

Courier Health changes that."

- Head of Patient Services

Within a few short months we signed our first major client and have been receiving nonstop demand from biopharma partners since. We then raised venture capital funding from an amazing partner, Work-Bench (shoutout to Jess Lin & Jon Lehr!) and we're now doubling-down on our product development and customer success.

We couldn't be more thankful to have found an opportunity that combines our skills to address a truly meaningful problem. By equipping biopharma Patient Services teams with a purpose-built solution, we will have a massive impact on the patient experience and the lives of millions and millions of people. We're also making Patient Services teams more efficient and effective, while enabling them to scale 1:1 support to larger patient populations.

If you're inspired by Courier Health's mission and want to be a part of this story, please check out our Careers page. We're hiring across every department, so if you don't see your exact role send us a message!

Lastly, we'd like to thank everyone that has supported us from day one with belief in our mission. We appreciate all of the love and we're committed to developing the best solution possible for patients!

Cofounder trust level: Officiate Each Other's Wedding... ✅
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